There are many hotels built along the shores of Lake Toya Onsen, and you can enjoy a superb view of Lake Toya from the rooms and outdoor baths. The view from the observation deck is also wonderful, so please come by all means. In addition, it is the best to look at the “Toya Lake Long Run Fireworks Display” held from the end of April to the end of October while entering a hot spring. A fireworks display boat will also be operated according to the fireworks display, and the fireworks from the lake top will be unforgettable memories behind the night view of the spa town. Fireworks boats are available as a pleasure boat during the daytime, traveling around Nakajima floating on a hot spring area and a lake, so it is possible to ship to Nakajima (in summer only). If you drive a little from the hot spring area, it is also an attraction of Toyako Onsen that you can go to sightseeing spots such as Mount Usu Ropeway, Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch, and Silo Observatory.