Tanukikoji is a shopping arcade that has been in operation since the frontier period. It’s a great place to buy Hokkaido souvenirs!
Tanukikoji is an approximately 1km-long arcade with around 200 shops that runs east to west in downtown Sapporo. The roofed arcade starts at Nishi-1-chome and ends at Nishi-7-chome. It can be used regardless of the weather. The arcade was developed during the frontier period. In 1869, when the Meiji government established the Hokkaido Development Commission in Sapporo, merchant houses and restaurants began to pop up in what is known today the Tanukikoji 2 and 3-chome areas. In 1873, the neighborhood became known as “Tanukikoji.” The arcade, which many tourists visit, features both old and new shops, souvenir shops, and karaoke bars. Every walk through the lively arcade offers a new discovery.