Asahikake at an altitude of 2,291 m, which is the highest mountain in Hokkaido and is also selected as “Japan’s Hyakumeizan”. Located on the northern side of Daisetsuzan National Park, the plateau is widely developed and there are many types of alpine plants.

The mountain climbing season is short from late June to early October, but the state of the wilderness that changes rapidly in a short time is a masterpiece. The flowers of the alpine plants that peak towards the end of July are colored in feet colorfully, and are just like the state of paradise called “Kamimin Tara” (garden where the gods live) in Ainu language.

It is known as the earliest place where colored leaves come to visit in Japan, and the colored leaves seen from mid to late September start from the full-length viewing area and move to Asahidake Onsen every day. At this time, many tourists come to see the magnificent colors that spread in the Daisetsuzan National Park.


Please use the shuttle bus “Ideyu No.” from Asahikawa Station and via Asahikawa Airport when you use public transportation to Asahidake. If you come by car, please use the public parking lot (closed in winter) and the Asahidake Ropeway parking lot (summer chargeable). Guests staying at Asahidake Onsen can use the parking lot of the property. There are also hotels that operate a pick-up bus for guests from Sapporo and Asahikawa.


The Asahidake ropeway operates at 1,600m above sea level, so you can enjoy the mountain scenery freely. The one-hour trekking course that continues from Ropemi’s Shibami Station is climatically in the area equivalent to an altitude of 2,500 m or more in the Japan Alps, and you can enjoy a refreshing trek even in August.

The 3rd weekend of June is usually mountain opening, and then it is the mountain climbing season until the time when the first crown snow falls in late September.

The mountain trail to the summit of Mt. Asahidake continues to be rocky, but on a clear day you can enjoy mountain climbing while viewing the Daisetsuzan Federation far away.

The Asahidake Ski Course, which has the longest open period in Japan from December to May, is popular. It is known for its world of white silver and high quality powder snow, and it can be compared to a sacred place for advanced mountain skis.

Starting from Asahidake Onsen, the approximately 8km cross country course is divided into three courses, and is a historic course where the national team visits for practice. There is also a hotel that lends free crocan ski equipment to guests, and even if you are new to this course, you will want to try it once and for all.

Asahidake ropeway

Asahidake Ropeway is a popular tourist spot where you can feel free to visit Hokkaido’s tallest mountain, “Asahidake,” and enjoy a 10-minute aerial walk.

Operates throughout the year (※ with inspection period), it guides you to the dynamic four seasons of the Daisetsu Mountains.

Up to 101 people can ride at a time, and you can admire the panorama of Daisetsuzan seen from the car window. Mountain climbers enjoy blooming alpine plants from July to August, and enjoyable trekking in cool climate, but in the second half of Silver Week in September, many tourists from inside and outside the country try to glance at the peak of autumn leaves viewed from the car window Customers come.

Asahidake Onsen

Asahidake Onsen is 1,100m above sea level, and there is Asahidake Ropeway at the end. Asahidake Visitor Center, which provides information on mountain climbing and outdoor activities, is located about 100 meters from Ropeway Yamakasa Station, and sends weather information and information on nature around Asahidake. It is approximately 30km from Higashikawa-cho center until Asahi-Dake Onsen, and public parking lot in front of Asahi-Dake Visitor Center and three other parking lots can be used when using a car. Free parking is available at Asahidake Ropeway from November to May (paying for other periods).

Snow removal on the road is well maintained even in winter, so there is no problem traveling to Asahidake Onsen unless the weather is bad. If you use the shuttle bus Ide Yusen, the end point is Asahidake Ropeway Station Building. If you wish to use the accommodation, you can get to the nearby bus stop from three bus stops. Asahidake Onsen does not have a taxi stand / car rental company. If you wish to use Asahidake Onsen as the lower Yamaguchi in the Daisetsu Vertical Series, please make a reservation at the nearest taxi company. Depending on the hotel, a shuttle bus may be operated temporarily for the guests. Please contact the property for more details, as it is often necessary to make an advance reservation. We may ask all of you for cooperation money for the purpose of traffic jam alleviation at the time of colored leaves period from the middle of September to the beginning of October.


There are 7 accommodations at a distance of approximately 1 km along Route 1160, which runs from Asahidake Ropeway Yamazaki Station.

Choose from a large hotel with a mountain resort-like appearance to a lodge with a mountain hut-like look. For families and couples, we recommend a hotel with a restaurant and a private bath, using local produce.

Mountain climbers will stay at a mountain cottage and support safe mountaineering with warm hospitality. It is a feature of this hot spring area that the hot spring is maintained in all the facilities, and you can forget the busy daily life and provide calm time.

In addition, if you use the Asahidake Cross Country Course, which is located in the center of the Asahidake Onsen area, in winter, there is also a setting available to guests free of charge.

Asahidake Visitor Center

Located near the Asahidake Ropeway, we send information on Asahidake and its surroundings. Our knowledge-rich staff will give you accurate advice on mountain climbing as well as on weather and other vertical guides based on the mountain. The Visitor Center is equipped with Wifi (Naitonal park Wi-Fi), a place where you can search for information, rest, and various materials. Feel free to go there as there are also boots, snowshoe and cross country ski rentals available.